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22 Trả lời tới Liên hệ với chúng tôi

  • Hi! I was such in a hurry to ask you the difference between the one thousand and the one, eight hundred nose procedures, I didn’t really understand. Can you explain it to me more in detail? Can you please email it to my email @ “”. I would like to send you my pic as well so you can suggest me what I should do to make it more natural and beautiful.
    Thank you very much!

    • Dear. Dao Tran!
      I am dr Pham Xuan Khiem, director of EMCAS plastic surgery Hospital,
      There are two kind of lifting nose job:
      1. Artificial cartilage with cover by fascial of Temporal muscle
      Procedure: remove a fascial of temporal muscle
      use artificial cartilage to shape suitable with your nose job,
      Cover fascial surrounding artificial cartilage
      Put artificial artilage with fascila into above nose bone
      It is cost 1400 USD
      2. Korean Style or Sline
      use ear cartilage
      use cartilage of Nasal septum
      To drag and lift top of the nose toward and upward
      Next, lifting of nose job by artificial cartilage with fascial
      it is cost 1800 USD.
      thank you
      dr Khiem